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Q: Where are the best places to install my Security Cameras?

  • Above Front Door (90% of break ins occur from front entrance)
  • Above Garage Door, to see the drive way and vehicles
  • One or Both Sides of the House, to see side doors and windows
  • Backyard, to see the sliding doors, Windows and/or Pools
  • You can also have cameras inside the house anywhere that is important

Q: Where is the best places to place my DVR or NVR?

  • Preferably where the Internet and tv is
  • By the basement electrical panel
  • Master bedroom or bedrooms
  • Living room TV set
  • Home office, etc

Q: Some reasons why people Install Security Cameras?

  • Watch around property, vehicles and possessions against intrusion
  • Watch over kids, pets, nannies, baby sitters, etc
  • Neighbors harassment, or dumping garbages
  • To have peace of mind

Q: Is it hard wired or wireless Cameras?

The best system is a hard wired system. Not only it will transmit fast and efficient video but also it is more reliable and dependable. The type of wire we use is a Cat 5 it is essentially internet cable and it is weatherproof. Hard Wired System does not depend on internet(Wifi), where as Wireless Cameras do and still needs wire to run for power. Therefore, might as well go with hard wired system. Wireless Cameras work on WiFi or use a wireless signal to send to DVR either way it is slow and slows other devices.

Q: How many Mega Pixel are the Cameras?

The Standard for years for security cameras has been 2 MP video quality which is 1080p. Still is a Prominent resolution and solution for security systems but it is not limited though.  2 MP come in Low to Mid-Range to High End cameras that go with DVR system, DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder.  But also come in High-End IP Cameras that comes in 2,4,5,6 and even 8 MP that go with NVR system. NVR stands for Network Video Recorder, which is a high end system.

Q: Does the Cameras have Night Vision and how far does it go?

Yes the cameras have night vision, its like watching black and white film. The main purpose of security cameras is for it to be able to see at night when it is pitch dark. Our Leading Standard camera the night vision goes 60 feet distance. Mid-Range goes upto 80 feet and the High-End IP Cameras goes the longest upto 100 ft night vision. All the Cameras are Eye-Ball Dome mostly, they are 120 degree wide angle, they are weatherproof, vandal proof cameras, all are hard metal, camera angles can be adjusted 360 degrees manually with hand and stays fixed.

Q: Does it have Motion Detection?

Yes the Cameras can be setup for Motion Detection which is the best way to record which will not  only record when there is activity but also it is quicker and easier to find recordings. Unlike the continuous recording which records all the time and takes a lot of time to look when what happened at a certain time.

Q: How will you run and hide the Wires?

There are many different ways to run wires for the cameras. The best way and the best time to run the wires is in the basement when you have your basement unfinished.  You can also run alarm wires, intercoms, and/or perhaps speaker wires.  Second method is to run it behind soffit's and eavestrough and behind eavestrough pipe. Third method is running it in PVC pipes and into the attic.

The wires can be hidden inside the garage stapled properly, stapled in the basement, we run our wires same as electrician would do. We follow industry code and your basement can be finished and dry walled properly knowing that all wires are tucked in nicely and neatly. Wires can also be hidden behind the eavestrough pipe, soffit, PVC pipe or in the attic.

Q: How much space does the Hard Drive Have?

Security Cameras need hard drives to save recording as a memory that are installed inside DVRs or NVRs. Usually for 4 Camera Package is mandatory to have a minimum of 1 TB or 1000 GB Hard Drive.  For 8 Camera Package and 8 channel DVR is recommended to have at least 2 TB or 2000 GB of space.

Q: How long will the recording last?

The Recording depends on the space of the hard drive, the amount of cameras and on how much activity you get everyday. 1 TB with 4 cameras lasts about 1 month of recording while 2 TB will last about 2 months.  You will always have one month of recording, it will never delete everything. It will record slowly and delete slowly from the back, happens minute to minute basis. You have a month time to extract the recording into a usb stick after that time it will be deleted.

Q: Can the Cameras be viewed on my Phone, Computer, Monitor, Ipad and Tv?

Yes, there is an app for everything now days Cameras can be viewed on all these devices